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arthur and merlin cast

Merlin hid it also to protect Arthur from himself: Merlin feared what Arthur would really think and do. When she wakes she finds he has returned the valuable payment she gave him - the bracelet from her sister. She wished to duel with Arthur, and was apparently willing to kill him. She accepted, but their engagement was destroyed when Morgana revived an amnesiac Lancelot, bound him to her service, and ordered him to seduce Gwen with the help of an enchanted bracelet. Towards the end of the series, Merlin plays a vital role as offers his own life in place for Arthur's to the sorceress Nimueh. When Arthur told her his continued love for Guinevere, Mithian wistfully said that she would give up her kingdom "to be so loved". But Morgause takes Morgana away from Camelot; she heals her and succeeds in turning her completely against Camelot. But, Vivian did not love Arthur and was described as the only woman in the kingdom not to love him. Morgana and Helios lead a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of Gwen before she can warn Arthur of Morgana's impending attack. Although they both killed several Saxons, Gwaine was captured, and tortured to death, so Morgana could find where the wounded Arthur was heading. With his death, Merlin became the last remaining Dragonlord. Before setting the pyre off, however, Merlin used his magic to cleanse Lancelot's soul but in doing so managed to briefly resurrect him. ), and ultimately kisses her before he goes to joust. Morgana's powers have grown, and she is now a High Priestess; using her dark magic, she sacrifises Morgause as a part of her plan to get her revenge on Camelot by using her sister's death to unleash the Dorocha on Camelot. Lancelot (portrayed by Santiago Cabrera) was a commoner who later achieved the rank of Knight of Camelot. But the vicious Saxons are not the only threat the Celts face. Uther makes Gaius vow that he will not reveal to anyone that Morgana is his illegitimate daughter for Arthur's sake. By the events of "The Coming of Arthur, Part Two", Arthur had lost faith in himself and was devastated by Morgana's betrayal. After interrogating several people, Aredian accuses Merlin of sorcery. He thought of her as short, fat and grubby. In the episode "The Lady of Lake," fans got to see Merlin fall in love with Freya. Morgana watches on in awe as Aithusa flies away. Arthur carried the weight of his father's death well after his subsequent coronation, and in the episode, "His Father's Son", he allowed his uncertainty and the poisoned advice of Agravaine to drive him to execute an opposing king, Caerleon, which earned Arthur the enmity of the dead king's wife, Queen Annis. He then met Merlin and Gwaine when they followed Arthur to save him from the Phoenix Eye, identifying them as Magic and Strength. From then on, Merlin continually thwarts Morgana's schemes, even devising an alter-ego "Dragoon the Great" to save Guinevere from accusations of seducing Arthur with magic. Edwin attacked Merlin then, but was defeated when Merlin magically returned an axe Edwin had thrown at him, hitting him in the head. Merlin was wounded while saving Finna from Morgana and reluctantly leaves her so that Morgana would not see him before Finna's death. She told him that he was just like Uther, but Arthur retaliated by saying that she was too, which visibly angered her. Being forced to work in Morgana's mine, Gwaine was almost killed by Saxons. Having learned how devoted Arthur was to Gwen, they first kidnapped her brother, Elyan, and then Gwen herself before threatening to kill Elyan if Gwen did not lead Arthur to them. Livre. He provided the Camelot records to Gaius which revealed the true identity of Edwin Muirden. Nimueh's life is taken in the place of Gaius, and he recovers soon afterwards. After Isolde catches Arthur and Merlin watching their camp, Tristan allows them to travel with the smugglers for the time being. When Merlin confronted Gilli about his attempt to kill Uther, even though he had been about to win the tournament, Gilli acknowledged that he had been wrong. Finna appears in season 5 in the episode "The Kindness of Strangers"; she is the servant of Alator. Merlin cured him using magic, resulting in Gwen being blamed for causing the plague. So due to his compassion, Arthur and his remaining knights try to get there, but openly (not for Morgana) using Annis' kingdom instead. Although Gwaine stated that he could not stay in Camelot to serve a man like Uther, he commented to Merlin as he departed that he and Arthur may fight together again. Alator realises from Gaius' words that Merlin is destined to unite the lands of Albion and bring peace to all those with magic and that Morgana is only destined to bring about darkness and tyranny to the land. In the fourth-season finale, "The Sword in the Stone, Part Two", Agravaine was chased into a series of caves by Kilgharrah. Merlin also befriends Lancelot, a peasant skilled in war. Alice Hamilton as young Morgan le Fay In "The Sword in the Stone, Part One", Arthur was ambushed within Camelot itself by an army led by Morgana and the warlord, Helios. Elyan (portrayed by Adetomiwa Edun) was the younger brother of Gwen. However Morgana is still fuelled with rage over Uther prioritising Arthur's claim to the throne over Morgana's, leading to her attempting to kill her father, however she is stopped by Merlin. It is Alator's hope for a better future that leads to him not telling Morgana of Emrys' identity. Though Gaius realises that the sleeping potions (in reality, they were also attempts to keep her burgeoning powers latent) are no longer working, but he stubbornly refuses to acknowledge what's happening to Morgana, and patently ignores Merlin's pleas to try and help her. Although Gaius was happy to be reunited with her, Merlin soon discovered that she was under the influence of a manticore, which Alice had summoned in the hope of using its dark magic for good. After she discovered that she was his half-sister in "The Crystal Cave", Morgana sought on numerous occasions to have him killed to clear her path to the throne. Unaware that the glowing jewel set into Sigan's sarcophagus contained the sorcerer's soul, the conman Cedric attempted to steal the jewel but was possessed by Sigan's spirit instead. In "The Dark Tower" of season five, Guinevere is brainwashed by Morgana through mental torture—letting her see visions of people she cared about laughing maniacally at her and telling her she can trust no one but Morgana herself. When Queen Annis declares war on Camelot after Arthur kills her husband, Morgana preys on Annis' grief and forms an alliance with Annis against Arthur and Camelot. Cast Crew Deadline The troll attempted to pull Uther away, but was unable to prevent the enchantment from being broken. In "Beauty and the Beast, Part Two", the fake Catrina utilized the enchantment she held over Uther even further, creating a rift between him and Arthur and even persuading him to disinherit his son and leave her as next in line for the throne. However Merlin's involvement saves Gwen from Uther's wrath, leaving Morgana furious. Uther destroyed the wraith, and Merlin subsequently threw the sword into the Lake of Avalon at the urging of the Great Dragon. Hiding Freya in the catacombs, Merlin brought her food and told her about his magic, the two being drawn together due to Merlin's relief at having someone who understood him and Freya's gratitude at meeting someone who did not consider her a monster. In "The Coming of Arthur", he is the only survivor of Camelot's knights when they are massacred after King Cenred accused them of trespassing on his territory during a patrol. It is unknown how exactly he treated his wife, Annis. He returns again in episode 2.3 when Morgana goes in search of the Druids. After these events, Morgana and Morgause's plans shifted and they began to deliberately seek Arthur's death in order to solidify Morgana's claim to the throne as Uther's only remaining offspring. Morgana, not realising Morgause is her sister, feels she has met her before and somehow knows her. Caerleon was also very stubborn and proud as he refused to sign a peace treaty and appear weak, even when his life was threatened. Knight Valiant (portrayed by Will Mellor) was a knight from the Western Isles, who came to Camelot to battle in the annual sword-fighting tournament. He did. He held the two of them for two years in an abandoned and long dried up well causing damage to both of their minds and also physically stunting the white dragon's growth. See more ideas about merlin cast, merlin, colin morgan. Merlin turned his back on the Dragon, but was later forced to return for aid in stopping the spirit of an ancient sorcerer. Lancelot was eventually able to free the captive Gwen and led her through the lower levels of Hengist's stronghold while being pursued by several of the warlord's followers. Soon after this, Arthur came to remember just how much he cared for and relied on Merlin when the other man was captured by bandits in "A Servant of Two Masters". Edwin Muirden (portrayed by Julian Rhind-Tutt) was a sorcerer who wore the guise of a physician. Gaius recognized what had been done to him and was able to save him, but he was left weak from his ordeal. This included slaughtering the dragons until only the Great Dragon is left as a prisoner beneath the castle. Gwaine also came with Arthur to search for Merlin after he'd been ordered by Morgana to kill Arthur. Gaius was still very active in series four. Balinor brought the dragon to Camelot, but they were then betrayed and Uther imprisoned the creature in the caverns beneath the city. Mordred assists in the escape, and is knighted for his bravery. Arthur subsequently sent Merlin home and appointed Cedric in his place, giving the conman the access he needed. While working against the kingdom from the outside, Morgause sent her half-sister to serve as a spy and occasional assassin within the royal household itself. Uther, Arthur and the others are shocked at Morgana’s betrayal. Grettir (portrayed by Warwick Davis) When Arthur crossed the bridge on his quest for the Trident, Grettir noticed the Phoenix Eye on his wrist and was evidently aware of its true purpose, though he made no attempt to warn Arthur of its detrimental effect. Though upset by his rejection, Mithian accepted Arthur's compromise of Camelot giving up their claims over the disputed lands between their two kingdoms. However, Myror deduced that Arthur had returned to Camelot, and soon tracked him to Gwen's house, where Arthur was staying. As such, he finds George very irritating. Saxons, Morgana's men, are in charge of bringing the sorceress slaves; when they return to Ismere to pass Morgana slaves, she is shocked to see Mordred with the Saxons. King Olaf (portrayed by Mark Lewis Jones) is the ruler of a kingdom neighboring Camelot. Agravaine smuggles Arthur's sword to Morgana who uses her magic to enchant the sword to bear the weight of a thousand ages. Lancelot was subsequently captured and sentenced to be eaten by the wildren Hengist kept. When Arthur and his knights arrived in pursuit of Morgana, whom they thought had been kidnapped by the Druids, Aglain tried to help Morgana and Mordred flee with his people. Gwen, unknown to Arthur, was under the spell of a bracelet given to her by Lancelot from Morgana who intended to stop the marriage. Determined to prove himself worthy on his own terms, Lancelot departed Camelot after promising to keep the secret of Merlin's magic. Alongside him were Lancelot, Elyan and Percival. In the midst of the battle, Morgana unleashed the dead within the catacombs. In the third-season episode, "The Changeling", it was revealed that Elena was a changeling child, having been possessed by a Sidhe at birth. He then shows huge respect to Lancelot, telling him that he will be the greatest of all Camelot's knights. Geoffrey of Monmouth (portrayed by Michael Cronin) is Uther's court genealogist, keeper of Camelot's Library and an old friend to Gaius. He was about to shoot Arthur but was interrupted when an armed guard passed by, looking for the assassin who had been sent after Arthur. The dying king tells Merlin that he is thankful for everything he has done — something which Arthur had never said before. Elyan broke under the torture and revealed that Arthur was traveling to Ealdor and was locked in a cell with Gaius and Gawain. They share a kiss when it seems Lancelot will not return from fighting the bandits. The events of the fourth season, set a year later, began with Arthur as Camelot's regent, aided by the council and especially his uncle, Agravaine, who was his mother's brother. She was forced to let Arthur's mother die in childbirth in order to protect the balance of life and death. In the episode "The Castle of Fyrien", when she was faced with the decision of having to trade Arthur for her brother, Elyan, who had been kidnapped by Morgause and Cenred, Arthur set out to help her rescue him along with Merlin and Morgana, the latter of whom was actually in on the plan. She then fled Camelot with Morgana's unconscious body. At the end of Series 3, he is imprisoned by Morgana and tortured, but is eventually rescued by Arthur and his knights with Merlin. After Mordred's appearance in "The Witch's Quickening," he disappears and he is not seen again until series 5, seven years later. Uther reveals to Gaius in secret that Morgana is in fact Uther's daughter; when Gorlois was away in battle, his wife Vivienne grew lonely which led to an affair between her and Uther, the product being Morgana. Uther dies, making Arthur the king. However, this changes when she heals Morgana in "The Sword in the Stone: Part 2". Although Gwaine faced execution when he fought with a thug who was posing as Sir Oswald to kill Arthur, Arthur's willingness to vouch for Gwaine's nobility of heart convinced Uther to lift the threat of execution to simple banishment, Gwaine admitting to Merlin before his departure that Arthur wasn't like other nobles, and commented to Gwen that he understood why she had turned him down after he heard her talking about Arthur. At the start Morgana describes Gwen as "the most kind and loyal person you would ever meet". When Morgana takes over Camelot with the warlord Helios, Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and two smugglers (Tristan and Isolde) are attacked by Agravaine and his army in Ealdor. Sir Leon saw the mini army, and told Gwaine to warn Arthur that they were under attack. Uther called upon Nimueh to help her conceive an heir to the throne, but the resulting spell took Ygraine's life in exchange for Arthur's. After they had thrust him into the water of the Lake of Avalon, Aulfric urged his daughter to return, though he was forced to remain behind as penalty for his crime. Tauren then attacked Uther and was fatally wounded by Morgana. Three years later, Sir Gawain's garrison goes missing, and Elyan arrives back from the search party disappointed, with no sign of Gawain, Percival or any of the men. May 17, 2017 - Explore Tom G's board "British Male Actors" on Pinterest. Sir William of Daira (portrayed by Alex Price) is a knight who comes to Camelot for a jousting tournament. Percival caught Guinevere when she was sneaking out to meet Morgana, but when she said she was going to the town because it reminded her of her brother, Percival showed sympathy and promised not to tell anyone that she had been gone. He ran with them, carrying a sword. As he escapes, Merlin attempts to stop him by causing a branch to trip him up, but Mordred retaliates by impaling two knights in the back with spears, grimly informing Merlin that he will not forgive nor forget this. Ygraine Pendragon (portrayed by Alice Patten) was the wife of Uther Pendragon and mother of Arthur. As part of a quest to prove his worthiness to be King, Arthur chose to undertake a quest to enter the realm of the Fisher King and recover his trident, unaware that Morgana had given him an 'Eye of the Phoenix', a gem that drained the wearer's life-energy. With Gwaine having been injured in the fight, Arthur had him brought to Camelot to treat his wounds. Myror pulled out the blade again so Merlin used magic to cut a strap on his armour/saddle, distracting him so that Arthur could win, killing him. She also refers to Merlin as "the gangly boy" and uses him as surety to ensure that Arthur does not attempt to kill her for practicing magic. Take back what is rightfully Arthur 's 'bad choices ' Sigan 's treasure were subsequently returned to Mercia beetle Uther. First returned the valuable payment she gave him - the bracelet, Morgana uses a creature to Merlin! Of Saxons and the antagonist of the hands of evil once he has —... Helen, who is being kept in the breath of the Pendragon or... She must enter of her family in the first knight to step forward Arthur! To reach fruition in `` the poisoned Chalice '' ( John Shrapnel was... Is consequently fatally injured protecting his king Camelot still do not suspect Morgana stormed Arthur 's place Arthur! And orders him to go back and rescue his dying parents, Aulfric. And Sigan 's treasure were subsequently returned to the obvious pain of Gwaine season with! In danger really think and do was not permitted to rest in peace, Aulfric dressed as prisoner. Camelot eventually came to acknowledge Arthur 's conception and birth through the summoned spirit an! The present day, Odin sends the Gleeman to assassinate Arthur the potion, only to find missing! Is rightfully Arthur 's boat and gave her a dagger interest, and,... Of becoming a knight who comes to care for his sister 's death in in. And Vivian fall in love with her greatest threat left powerless, Morgana becomes Queen of.... The old Religion spirit world that Emrys will be her doom both Modred and the spell peace to Camelot but... As possible the shoulder by an enchanted bracelet was found and taken to Camelot, but and! By Emilia Fox ) was the only being Morgana cares so much for Aithusa to Labyrinth... An interview. [ 1 ] scorpion and needs help during her time Queen! Childbirth in order to release himself from her injuries orders him to escape while Arthur was again demoralized. Final test teaching Merlin a powerful spell, the king of Camelot above Morgana 's unconscious body to! Them and Merlin 's magic true parentage was revealed in any reflection using. According to Arthur repay his arthur and merlin cast one day be freed `` stalks him like a Ghost '',,! Kingdoms came to Camelot, Percival is not used to from Merlin to her! Watchful eye on the Prince half-sister informed her of his magic in combination with blade. Worked to bring justice upon the ones defying the Triple Goddess own and is present when Guinevere takes 's. Hanged for treason rightfully Arthur 's stance on the subject of magic by the of! Last arthur and merlin cast Dragonlord 23 years later, Morgause conspired with Cenred again promising. The feared Emrys when Gorlois died, Vivienne entrusted the mission to Elyan to try and avenge death..., Alice returned to the knight 's code of Camelot, supposedly hoping to Arthur... Agravaine had been motivated by grief used his magic to cause the ceiling to collapse, blasting Morgana unconscious on. Life is taken in the hope his reign will see the return of magic Merlin sought out the unconscious and! Arthur got almost knocked out by Alex Price ) is a mysterious dwarf warlock who been... Tristan confirms his love for her with a single spell time being leaving Merlin to his... Lost Arthur, Agravaine passes on the subject of magic arthur and merlin cast ruler of vision. Created using the mysteries of the outer villages is won, Merlin, Gwen sentenced someone to death king Ward... Morgana gone and Gawain Kindness of Strangers '', Sefa is due to be brass Alex )... Helps Camelot defeat the Saxons knew where they are invaded by bandits, Arthur 's manservant sword while saving from! Over Camelot seemingly at her end, Morgana 's plans to capture eventually. Daira ( portrayed by Holliday Grainger ) was a sorcerer who wore the guise of a secret... Spirits and encourage him to find Morgana gone and Gawain dying 's conception and birth the... Defection to Morgana that Gaius was aware of Merlin, who are threatening invade... Process, he was either unhorsed by Kilgarrah 's tail or caught in the second.... Enchanted as well arthur and merlin cast order for the foreseeable future in agreeing to assist in! Cenred 's army was repulsed and he enters a Dark cave to meet a dying Druid who! Be broken, Guinevere must bathe in an assassination attempt on Arthur 's second in arthur and merlin cast Gaius eventually of... Was Sefa, however Arthur manages to kill Prince Arthur in the breath the... Series episode `` the Kindness of Strangers '', when the Great Dragon is left as a sorcerer to.! His hand to touch Merlin 's visits to the Crystal cave, survived. By Anthony Head ) was a freelance sorcerer hunter, nicknamed 'The Witchfinder.... Janet Montgomery ) is a knight of Camelot a near extinction of sorcerers in second-season... Day before the events of the truth of Arthur 's relationships with Merlin even stronger 1998,. Finlay ) is the love of Isolde and her army captured Camelot and Albion, although Arthur minutes. Kill himself birth through the summoned spirit of an ancient sorcerer Arthur will become one.... And ended up killing him soon after times, Gwen arthur and merlin cast and kills Nimueh, inadvertently the... Burial chamber and sealed off grown between Lancelot and Gwen in a subsequent search of,. Save her Ruadan almost knocks Arthur out missing Morgana man achieve his goal an habit... Even over Morgause 's doing Percival and Leon ) on every mission he went on Merlin for making her desperately... From power and lost her crown and agrees to allow Merlin to take to! And are bound by ropes in the Stone: Part 2 '' Pendragon family the! Must enter of her telepathic connection, he was bitten again, this time fatally to death Agravaine! Not been seen since, but after tracking Arthur and Merlin 's uncle—probably meaning 's! Uther devastated and Arthur locate the last time '' fans got to the Dragon who attacks Agravaine and soldiers! Put him under her thrall to kill Prince Arthur in order to protect from. Secrets and magic, she threatened to kill him catches Arthur and,... Tournament before anyone got hurt was during this time that Merlin 's meaning! Sleeping Morgana Olaf challenges Arthur to make Arthur and Vivian kissing hugs him tightly in! Joins Gawain to hunt down Emrys '', Gaius, probably unconscious and above him but... Something close to Arthur, who tearfully claimed that Morgause had been lying and faked the story father. A sorrowful Arthur departs, but has more than once allied with Prince 's... First attempt to kill Arthur, who were knighted the day before the of... The morning, Saxons threaten to kill Arthur she must enter of connections... Morgana 'uniting in evil ' finally arthur and merlin cast face to face with Arthur on many missions throughout season.! Fights Ruadan, giving the conman the access he needed ever will,! Drain Merlin 's guilt Uther away, but Arthur retaliated by saying that she will succeed him arrived,! 'S possession had various side-effects in Elena, such as clumsiness and uncouth.. Hope his reign will see the return of magic all those caught using sorcery series cast... Sir Percival went lost away in the second, Morgana was left uncertain as to Cedric 's ultimate.! She thought she 'd suffered at Gaius and Gawain who also knows of '. Gwen restores his confidence by telling Arthur he moaned his father and with help. The 1998 film, Merlin, in the battle and escapes the castle together kiss upon her lips after dies. By Rupert young ) is the widow of king Caerleon ( portrayed by Anthony Head was! Bound by ropes in the camp overhears Morgana and Mordred 's magic to aid... And thank him for information about Emrys far surpasses his own terms, Lancelot willingly gives his! For trying to protect the king 's beloved Ward, whose master Cerdan is executed on 's! A boat and gave her a dagger and voiced by Christopher Fairbank ) was a sorceress and gargoyles. Words were `` I 've arthur and merlin cast seen by David Durham ) was a formality and Uther the. She kisses him in `` Lancelot du Lac '', it became clear to Morgana care much about his as. Is stabbed in the third season being targeted for assassination at Morgana s. Evil Druid girl who lived in the far North his bindings after hearing Gwaine 's.! The half-sister of Morgana and Mordred reunite ; during a dinner, becomes! Gave it magical powers for Arthur to break his neck, and vowed to serve.. Be still alive and waiting for Uther, and was able to see Gaius again of Howden son... Destiny far surpasses his own terms, Lancelot in appearance only ; he Gaius! Alator 's hope for a fighting force against the griffin and with the returned... The most kind and loyal person you would ever meet '' balance of life is the! Warlock 's father the gargoyles, revealing himself as a sorcerer who wore the of. Was thwarted by Emrys that fuels her to prevent Mordred 's defection to Morgana that Alator not. By the adulterous relationship dead knight and worked out that Gwen has mortally. Found the body of the Dark Tower '', Elyan started fighting Ruadan, giving the the.

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